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Here are some commonly asked questions customers may have about the soap.


    • How frequently should I use this soap?
      • For bathing, our soaps are most effective when it is used up to three times per week to maximize the cleansing benefit. Hands may be washed every day with it.
    • How can this soap be used?
      • This soap may be used on the face, hands, body, or hair.
    • I’m allergic to fragrance. Do you have any soap for me?
      • The bars we are selling are fragrance free!
    • I have sensitive skin – Will I be able to use your soap?
      • Our soaps are suitable for every skin type. 
    • How long does a bar of soap typically last?
      • If you take good care of your soap bar and follow the usage guidelines, a bar of soap can last up to 1 month.
    • What should I do to make my soap last longer?
      • Don’t let your soap sit in water
      • Store soap on a well-drained soap dish
      • Allow soap plenty of fresh air to dry between uses
      • Never place soap where bath water can continuously hit it
      • If your bar ever gets waterlogged and becomes gooey, simply set it on a draining soap dish or stand it on its edge for a few days and let it dry out thoroughly
    • How long does a bar of your soap stay fresh?
      • Although our soap usually gets better with age, we recommend using our soaps within 12 months of purchase.
  • What is Lye?
  • Lye is the only chemical we use in our soap; it performs the reaction that turns the oils into soap. It has been used for hundreds of years to make all-natural soaps. Since it has fully reacted with the oil, it is harmless to the body and face

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