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How to earn an extra source of income in zambia

If you are a Zambian and want to earn an extra source of income, then this is the article for you! Keep reading to find out how you can earn anywhere from 1,000+ kwacha a month through Akuna Industry….

tips for selling to shops

Small shops are a great market for you as a sales agent to reach. When you sell to shops you can sell in bulk! Selling to small shops such as pharmacies and hair salons is such a good market that you can tap into…

product benefits

Since soaps are used to clean your face, hands, and body, you would assume all soaps are created equal, however, they are not. Different soaps have different effects on your skin.

how to sell to shops

Are you an Akuna Sales Agent and you want to learn how to sell to shops? Watch this video

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Tips To Sell To Shops

Learn the best sales tactics to sell to shops.

Selling to shops how to

Learn how to sell in bulk to small shops

New Sales Agent Training

If your a new agent and you want to start selling watch this…