Shipping and Handling are free when the soap boxes are picked up at Riverside Farm, Kafue, and Lusaka.


Shipping and handling rates will be communicated to you depending on the location where the package is to be shipped.

It takes approximately 1 month to receive the bars by the time an order is placed. After the bars are made, they must cure for 2 weeks to ensure they are gentle on the skin and to maximize their health benefits. Then they must be packaged and shipped, which can take from 1-2 weeks depending on the distance to be travelled, bus availability, and order demand. Larger orders should be placed 2 months before they are needed, to ensure on-time delivery. But the customer does not have to wait for the bars to be manufactured once they order. We manufacture and have stock available without creating a custom order every time.

Each bar of soap costs K18, if ordered as a set of 10 bars or more, the wholesale price is K14 per bar.