Small shops are a great market for you as a sales agent to reach. When you sell to shops you can sell in bulk! Selling to small shops such as pharmacies and hair salons is such a good market that you can tap into!



When we sell to shops it’s important to remember that shops also need to make money! They have rent to pay, electricity, employees, and they themselves need a salary. If you sell soap bars to them at your retail sales price of 25k, then the shops will have to markup the price to 30k+, making it less affordable to the customer, decreasing sales for the shop, and causing them to not buy as many bars from you. This is a situation where no one wins. That is why we suggest that you sell to the shops at a wholesale price of 18k.


Let’s break this down


If you sell to shops at 18k and sell...


If you sell 30 bars at your wholesale price of 18k this means you make 120k  and the shop will make 210k


If you sell 60 bars at your wholesale price of 18k this means you make 240k and the shop will make 420k.

100 BARS

If you sell 100 bars at your wholesale price of 18k this means you make 400k and the shop will make 700k


When meeting a new potential customer, it’s important that you make the best first impression that you can. Making a good first impression starts with how you are dressed. In order to optimize your sales it’s important to look like a reliable Akuna Sales agent!

Dress Code: 

  • White/Navy/Black Polo Shirt
  • Professional Pants/Skirts that are White/Navy/Khaki/Brown/Black
  • Shoes (Keep them neutral color and professional looking)
The principle for our dress code is for our agents to look professional and put together!


People are 65% more likely to buy your products if you show them and let them try samples of your products! You’re products aren’t shy and will love to be introduced to shop owners! They love to be handled!! Make sure the shop owners smell and touch each soap bar you are trying to sell to them. 

Invoice and receipts!

Most shop owners won’t buy your products unless you have a proper receipt and invoice book! So it’s important to make sure you bring your invoice and  receipt book with you when you sell to shops. 

Akuna Soap Industry provides you with a free receipt and invoice book. If you are interested in getting one please contact our direct line at +260 97 6807396.



 80% of sales are made after 5 follow ups!


So make sure you don’t give up if they say no the first time. 60% of customers will say no to your products the first time! Just make sure you follow up. Here are some tips to follow up with the shops!

Following up with shops will let you now that you are serious about working with them and that you are reliable. Here are some tips on how to follow up with shops. 


Ask them what’s the best way to follow up with them. (Via text, phone, or in-person)


Even if they say no, ask them for contact so you can show them other products you may have later. 


Don’t contact them to just “chick in.” Have a specific reason for checking in, for instance to introduce a new product, or to see how they liked the samples you gave them.

BE CAREFUL about selling to anyone ON CREDIT. It will create some very messy situations for you! At all times it is always best to charge the shop UPFRONT and make sure the money GOES THROUGH before you deliver your merchandise!

Flyers and marketting

Help your shops increase sales by giving shops flyers and posters to put up about your products. If you want to provide a shop with flyers and posters about the product and its benefits, please get in contact with us and we will provide you with the marketing materials you need!

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